Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Slow as a turtle

Okay I think slow as a turtle is a bit of an exaggeration but this
week was pretty slow. It revolved a lot around doing look ups and just
trying to clean out the area book. To quote Patrick Star, "We're on an
investigator hunt and don't think we don't know how to weeeed them
out!" See, we have about 80 potentials in our list but most of these
people haven't been talked to in well over a year so we have to go and
check if they still live there and if they're still interested. We've
dropped a good amount of people this week just from doing that. I also
think some missionaries like to mess with everyone and add people in
the potentials list who shouldn't be there. For example, a JW
(Jehovah's witness) lady who was really angry that we had her
information, said she has never spoken with the missionaries and
doesn't want us to come back. So that was interesting.

Tuesday was probably the slowest day though because I was pretty
sick...or so I thought. My stomach was hurting all day, I was drowsy
and after district meeting I just came back to the apartment and
crashed...which kind of sucked because we had a lesson at 6 and I
still wasn't feeling ready. So elder Peña came over and had his
trainee go over with Elder Oaks to the lesson which I wasn't too happy
about but I lived with it. After talking to Peña for a little while he
figured out it was because of stress. It sucks but it's true. I've had
to do more on my own this transfer than ever before so it's just taken
a toll on me. But I'm still going! I was out Tuesday then I came back
strong on Wednesday with lots and lots of look ups. I think it's a
good thing it's a good thing I don't gamble though because each time I
was like okay this one is the one I guarantee it! But I was wrong. So
yeah. Anyways, time for some big updates.

WE GOT A BAPTISM!!!! Or we will, anyways. I guess the lesson on
Tuesday went really smooth. The guy's name is Efrain and we had a
lesson with him last Tuesday and he pretty much told us he enjoys
coming to church but there's some things that bother him. So what
happens on Tuesday? I guess he pretty much came in and told them that
he believes and wants to be baptized! So elder oaks gave him the
invitation but we will be giving him a date tomorrow! Super cool
stuff! I'm excited. We also had to move Brian's (The 10 year old) back
a little farther because he still hasn't come to church and we have
another potential baptism with this guy named Orlando. He was
investigating a while ago and just recently he told a friend of his
who is a member that he wants to start talking with us again. I didn't
say this last week I don't think but Sunday after church we went to go
talk to him and get to know him a little and he's a super solid guy.
He works on Sunday's but he has his own business so it won't be hard
to change that at all. So yeah! Some exciting stuff is happening here!
Other than that it's just finding and trying to get by. And to explain
that a little, I have a picture of what we had to eat yesterday.

Well that's pretty much it for this week! I hope you're all doing
swell and living life to the fullest. Take care and have an awesome

1) I got bored so I did this
2) New haircut
3/4 Squad pics
5-10) Elder Peña and I went on an exchange on Thursday and decided to
do some look ups way out by Brooklyn Bridge park and ran into Elder
Sainteran and Elder Robinson so we just had to take some pictures
11) Last night's dinner: Rice, eggs and hot dogs. #poorpeoplefood

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