Sunday, October 25, 2015

Hawaiian roller coaster ride

The subject title has nothing to do with this week. I just really like
the song. Okay here we go!

What...a...week. But so much good stuff!! So let's start with Monday.
Around 5:30 our Mexicano member Joaquin (the one we found last
transfer then lost track of him) called us! And he was so excited to
talk to us again! So we went to go see him at his house and I think
one thing I never mentioned was how for about a week and a half Elder
Oaks and I went to his house and tried to get in but couldn't. Oh and
his phone was turned off too so that didn't make things any easier.
But we wanted to let him know we were still thinking of him because I
thought he'd like that. So what did we do? We left a pass along card
in his door pretty much every day until he finally called us and we
get inside his house and he has a pretty good stack just chilling next
to his bed. So of course I make a joke saying he has a lot of cards
and he laughed. We met with him twice this week and then he also met
up with the bishop on Saturday. He's really trying...but still didn't
come to church on Sunday when I really thought he was. He also
wouldn't answer his phone so That happened too.

Also, I gave birth! Okay I gotta stop those jokes 😂 anyways, his name
is Elder Wagley, he's from Houston Texas and is super hard working and
just an all around awesome guy! He's struggling with the language
since you know, no one really learns it in the MTC so I'll be helping
him as much as I can! It's hard but a super awesome experience and I'm
so grateful to have it!

As for some of the craziness this week, I almost got hit by some kind
of fruit as we were walking the streets trying to contact people. I
guess some lady got really mad at a worker and threw some fruit from
his fruit stand at him so he tried throwing it back. Except his aim
was a little off so it came towards me and I had to matrix to make
sure it didn't hit me. So that was cool! And then the day before when
we were doing street contacting I ran all over the place just trying
to go and talk to the Hispanics and I'm pretty sure Elder Wagley
thought I was crazy. That's okay though. And I was talking to one guy
named Julio and he said, "I thought you were actually Hispanic until
you started talking. Good Spanish though!" So that was bitter sweet 😂

Yesterday was definitely the best day of the week though. I mean 4
lessons in one day. How can that not feel good?? I was afraid that we
weren't going to be able to go see everyone we planned for or someone
wasn't going to be home but pretty much everything went as planned!
And we got in with a really less active family and now will be doing
weekly family home evenings with them so I was happy about that as
well. We have some good stuff set up already so I'm hoping everything
goes as planned! The cold is also coming quick so I'm hoping I don't
die just yet...but wish me luck! Hope all of you are doing absolutely
perfect and stay that way too! Until next time! (Yes I added Mexican
flags at the bottom because why not)

1) picture from a while back. Elder oaks was out
2) I saw my future car 😍 #sti
3) The new district (The only picture I have of Elder Wagley)
4) We had a whole train to ourselves
5) Oh the things I do
6) #mcm shout out to my boys! Love and miss you guys!

Tyler forgot to add this to his mass email but had emailed it to me, so I'm adding it in for him.

Training is hard especially when my companion is like the total opposite of me. He's a
lot like Elder Oaks except that he can decently talk about sports and really enjoys cars. 
But other than that, he doesn't talk much. But I'm really trying to give him an awesome 
transfer and so far we have seen a couple good miracles happen and I think his 
confidence with the language is building slowly but surely. He's from Houston, His name 
is Elder Wagley, he enjoys anything chocolate (nothing in particular) and the coolest moment 
came when I decided to say hi to this Mexican guy (I could tell he was from Mexico and I love 
my Mexicans) and he said hi with a giant smile on his face so I decided to give him a pass
along card and in return he gave me his name, address and 2 phone numbers and told us 
to come by Sunday at 1:30 and I was like what just happened?? Then two days later we 
saw him again and he was like I'll still be waiting for you two! Then Sunday comes around and 
he had a recent death in his family so we decided to teach him the plan of salvation and he 
seems solid but I'm not too sure about his friend. But we still got two new investigators out of it!

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