Monday, October 26, 2015

More progress

Hello everyone! This week was pretty solid and I'm going to try and
explain it all decently quick! It all started with a pretty solid
miracle because I met this one Dominican lady and I was really happy
because I've been trying to find her since last transfer and we
finally found her! We went to go look her up but she wasn't home so we
started leaving and as we got to the lobby there was a lady walking in
and I said hi just to be nice and it turned out that was Dilcia! The
Dominican lady! And she's super sweet and is so ready to learn about
the gospel. So that was definitely a highlight. We also got 2 new
investigators who are a couple and they first met with the
missionaries about a year ago and now they want to meet again! Last
week we found this new investigator and taught him the plan of
salvation but yesterday we taught him the restoration and extended him
the baptism invitation! He said he will think about it but first he
wants to come to church so we are hoping that he will come through! We
also met with Joaquin yesterday and he is definitely a lot happier
than when we first taught him. He still hasn't been to church but he's
getting so close. Slowly but surely we are seeing some good progress
out here. Sorry that I'm keeping this so short but that's pretty much
the gist of my week! Hopefully that sums everything up okay!
1 and 2) The squad
3) Comp Picture
4) Serious city picture
5) White girl pic.

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