Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I got a baby child!

Hello everyone! Well I could talk about my week entirely but to sum it
up, we had 3 lessons. It was rough but we still had a miracle lesson!
We were out trying to talk to people on the streets and possibly get
in an apartment building to knock on some doors (that's mainly what we
did this week) when I thought of an investigator. We have tried
visiting this guy a bunch of times but he's never home. I went on a
mini exchange with the zone leaders last week and we actually had
contact with him and he expressed a lot of interest. Then elder oaks
and I tried calling him but it seemed like he hung up half way through
the call so we dropped him. But because I randomly thought of him
again we decided to go to his house and he was home! He said he has a
lot of things in his life that he wants to change and that he wants
our help. His name is Rayomond and he's so solid. I even extended the
baptism invitation which was my first time doing that and it was in
the first lesson too! He said he wants to meet up again tonight at the
church but the only thing is that we kind of lost his phone number so
I'm just hoping and praying he does come through tonight. But he's
still so awesome. Oh and the quote of the week came from Elder Peña.
He said, "Elder Rossi I hate that you were called Spanish Speaking
because now I have to deal with you in two languages" 😂😂 It's
because I always make fun of him and annoy him in both English and
Spanish. But don't worry. He really does love me.

The other highlight came Friday night...bum bum bum...IM GOING TO BE A
DAD!!!! Well sort of. I'm going to be training! I'm both excited and
nervous but more than anything I just hope I can train him to work
hard and have fun. I mean just imagine...another Elder Rossi is going
to be running around New York! 😂😄 I personally love the idea! In all
seriousness though, I really am excited for this calling. What our old
mission president said was that the parents of these incoming
missionaries are Hopi and praying that they're kids are going to get a
good first companion and I'm just hoping I can be the trainer at least
their parents need to be. So that's kind of what I'm thinking a lot
about as I'm getting ready to do this. Oh and Elder Oaks got a
training call too! He'll be leaving and I'm staying here which I'm
really excited about because there's a lot of good work here and all
the other elders who I've gotten close with are staying as well! And
I'll be here for my birthday!! So yeah tomorrow we will find out who
we are training and I'm pretty excited for that. So that's pretty much
what I have for you all this week! Hope you all have and had an
awesome week and happy Columbus Day!


1) I translated I'll make a man out of you
2) My baby announcement picture
3) Yup I'm holding a tarantula (that one's for you mom)
4) You know you're out late when no one is on the bus
5) Windshield destroyed by a big rock

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