Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Just another update

So this week my highlight was...Conference!! It's funny because I've
never really enjoyed watching it until I got out here. There's just
something completely different about watching it as a missionary. Or
maybe it's just me maturing. One of the two. But the thing I enjoy
most about it is that we have an opportunity to hear from apostles the
things we may need to change about ourselves. And in preparation for
that, I decided to change something. Many of you may know that I may
not have the most "missionary-like" language so I've been trying to
change that. So anytime I say "flip" "crap" "dang" or anything like
that I have to do 5 push ups. I'm pretty sure it's still not working
because I've done about 400 now in the past 3 days but give it some
time and I'll either have better language or better arms...

As for during the week, we had some pretty good success though. We got
about 8 lessons (4 investigators, 4 members) and those all went well.
We tried to go see some less active members this week to talk about
general conference. There were some really good videos about preparing
for conference with questions and stuff like that on so I
wanted to share them. But when I went to the Spanish version of the
website, the videos aren't there...racism. But the lessons went on and
I just kind of explained the videos so it all worked out. We also had
our investigator Efrain who wants to be baptized come to the
priesthood session so that was good. Even though he fell asleep. We
also talked and he now isn't sure about baptism so we will now be
working extra hard with him. We also met with this guy named Moises
who knows a ton about the gospel and the Book of Mormon but just like
everyone else in New York, his job takes up all his time. That's
pretty much the he common theme with all the investigators right now.
Then there is the 10 year old kid who hasn't been to church but we
don't know why since his mom comes. So pretty much there's still lots
of work to do.

Well this week is definitely a little bit shorter but I now officially
have 8 whole months in my mission! Crazy how fast it's gone. Well I
hope you all have an awesome week! Talk to you all later!

1) My self portrait
2) Squad pics again...minus Elder Robinson
3) This little girl in our ward, Jasmine, enjoys taking pictures of us
like this a little too much
4) Elder Peña's stalker picture of me

Oh I've also failed to mention that we had a conference a while back
where Elder Bennett from the seventy (He gave the 2nd talk in the
priesthood session) and here is the picture from that. I'm sure you
won't be able to see me so I'm going to make a game out of it. If you
find me, you get an imaginary high five from me. (Hint: I'm farther to
the left)

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