Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Short and sweet

Hello everybody! Well, this week was crazy busy and it would take way too long to describe it all so I'm going to give you a very short description (sorry!) 

So we had about 4 lessons with investigators as well as 4 lessons with members and they were all super legit! We also found a member who's been looking for the church the past 4 months!! He moved here from Mexico and he's going through a pretty rough time and just knows he needs the gospel. He found us on the street, we talked for about an hour and a half and I gave my first blessing of comfort fully in Spanish...it was scary. But it was super legit. At first I was just kind of saying some simple stuff but then the spirit took over and I can't explain what happened next. It was like words were just shooting out of my mouth and I couldn't control them and it was just a super cool experience both for him and me. Then we had another lesson with him the next day with the bishop so he could get to know him and that one was even better. He's so sincere in his desire to change and as he said the closing prayer I started to cry...but no one saw so I think we're good! 

We also had two baptisms on Saturday instead of one! The little girl got baptized and so did her mom! Her mom was baptized before but because we lost the record we had to do it again. But it was cool that they got to both be baptized together. Oh! And I guess someone forgot to prepare a talk about baptism so guess who had to make one up on the spot! Me!! I was both excited and nervous because I was just thinking like okay what can I pull out of thin air right now. I had about 5 minutes to prepare so I pulled up a scripture about baptism (#timefillers) and then just said pretty much everything I know about baptism. It went pretty smoothly though! I talked for about 5 minutes or so and I don't think anyone even knew that I completely made it up right then and there. The church is true everyone. 

As for investigators right now we are working with 4 people I think but no real progress has been made just yet. We've only had one lesson with them all but I'll definitely be keeping you all in the loop! My mom would probably get mad if I didn't. 😉 Oh and the 10 year old boy with the baptism date has been changed. We have to push it back a couple weeks because he hasn't been to church yet sooo that makes things a little difficult. But it's okay! 

Finally, SHOUT OUT TO MY BOY PARKER BURR!!!!! He's heading out to the port of Spain today to start his mission experience in the field. He's gonna be speaking Dutch so that's legit. Good luck man! 

Hope everyone has an awesome week! Love you all! 

1) Super awesome sticker
2) Super awesome me 😂 
3) Super awesome cake
4) Super awesome people about to get baptized 
5) Super awesome district

Tyler sent me these from P-Day. Chilling out playing some Basketball

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