Sunday, September 20, 2015

So that happened

I found myself saying that a lot this week...So this week pretty much feels like I just a perfect 3 ball to the outside and whoever my outside is, is just about to destroy it. We have so many lessons and people to work with now!! When I got here the teaching pool was already really big but the guys who were here before me were working with like none of them. So what did I do? I took action with all these people and made calls and tried contacting them and now we have 5 investigator lessons set up this week and couple for the week to come. We also did a ton of fear-lessing (or talking to people on the streets) and got about 6 or 7 new contacts that way so within a little while, we'll be getting lessons left and right. Oh and I forgot to mention how we are having two baptisms this transfer! One this coming Saturday for a 10 year old girl and we just set up the date with this 10 year old boy for October 11th.
Pretty legit stuff man. I'm excited. 

This week definitely felt longer because of a 4 hour meeting and all the finding we were doing. The meeting is called Zone Training Meeting and it's pretty much a training for everyone in your zone. They're really good but we all know I can't sit still that long so that was a bit of a struggle. One thing I took away from it though is how we can't just stop trying to find people to teach once we think we have a good pool going. We need to prove to the Lord everyday that we are out here so willing to work and we won't stop even if we barely have any time. So I took that literally and just went ham with talking to random people and trying to contact investigators in our records and so far so good! I'm just hoping the lessons we have set up don't cancel. People out here are super busy with work and stuff so that makes things pretty hard on us. 

I think Saturday was the weirdest day of all. We were doing a fearless activity as a zone and we walk by this guy who called us over and it wasn't until we got right next to him that I realized he was I was just like sweet let's see what happens. So he tells us about how God has helped him a ton through life and he seemed really cool. Then he went to shake our hands but as he did he put our hands on top of his head and I think he tried giving himself a blessing...I don't know. Then out of nowhere he punches my and companion and I in the guts so that was fun. Oh! And he refused to believe I wasn't Hispanic so that is still happening with people here too. Then later that night we were going to do look ups when this other guy stops us and is like hey what's going on I'm Christian too. And we thought this guy wanted to have a legit conversation with us so we started talking to him and he asked is the bible our final line of authority. So to be careful with answering that question I told him, it's a huge part of our religion as I'm sure it is yours as well but we also have another book called the Book of Mormon which is literally just another testament of Jesus Christ written by ancient prophets who came to the Americas. And he was shocked. So long story short, we talked and discussed our religion on the street for 2 and a half hours on the street and he wants us to come back so we will see how that goes. He's also an English speaker so I don't know how long we can really visit him since we are supposed to visit only Spanish speakers. Plus I love my Hispanics so there's that too. So that was Saturday.

A fun experience that was a really cool energizer for me was seeing the beam of light they shoot up at the sky on September 11th where the twin towers used to be in commemoration of them. We were walking out of a lesson and I see a beam of light and I just think, "Huh must be a big event or something" but then I realize the light isn't moving and I've heard about the light before so then I just scream "NO WAY!!!" Then I take off running and as soon as I see it super clearly I start jumping and I was just super hyped. Then we get to the subway station and I take off running again to the end of the platform because it's outside and I saw it even better and I just stood there silently (after getting some pictures of course) and I just want to get a shout out to all those who gave their lives that day and everyday since to fight for the freedom of this country. It was a pretty sweet experience. 

I think that pretty much does it for this week! Other than that it was just a lot of calling and finding! One thing I've been bad at doing has been birthdays sooo, shout out to my little brother who turned 14, my mom who is at an age where she may not want a lot of people knowing but she's still rocking it! Oh the owner of Siggy's carpet cleaner himself, Chris Rossi, has turned a year older and is somehow still going 😉 one of my many 2nd mom's Jennifer Burr just had a birthday on the 11th! And today is Meghan Kempker's birthday and she's turning 16!!! I hope I didn't miss anyone but those are the ones I know off the top of my head. If I did miss someone, please don't hate me. Hope you all had a good one and Meghan I hope you have a good one today! 

Now pictures!! 
1) Not sure if my mom sent this out but this is me telling my amazing story in Spanish
2) New York skyline
3) The twin tower light 
4) Major respects 
5) Very blurry zone picture
6) Less blurry but very crazy zone picture

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