Sunday, December 27, 2015

Just one of those weeks

This was one of those weeks where you thought you'd be super busy and
then some things change here and there and your luck just kinda runs
out. But we still had a decent amount of lessons and now Angel is
progressing! I talked about him last week a little bit. We also have a
lesson with him on Christmas so I'll be able to talk about that with
my family! Here are the highlights from the week

1. As I just said Angel is progressing and he really wants to know
more about what we teach. He's been praying and reading and now he
just needs to find a way to come to church. We had a super good lesson
with him on Thursday about the plan of salvation which is one of the
harder lessons to teach for me since I barely understand it since it
hurts my head. I was also afraid my Spanish wasn't enough to get the
points across but at the end of the lesson, he said he understood it
all perfectly. So that was really good!
2. A really big spiritual experience I had was with Valentin when I
used the "As a representative of Jesus Christ" phrase for the first
time and basically told him everything Christ would want him to know.
I felt something super strong within me and it was just so unreal.
3. Ryan is getting baptized on Saturday!!!
4. We had a ward Christmas activity this past Saturday and the Luna
family came to that again! We also got to be part of a play and the
members also expressed their gratitude for the missionaries which felt
really good. And of course I ate way more food than I could handle
5. As for something a little less serious, elder Wagley was feeling
really tired one day and we had to bring something to the zone leaders
so we were talking with them for a little bit. Well, when Elder Wagely
said he was tired, Elder Gill said he had something that can wake him
up. Without asking any questions, elder Wagley drank this drink that
Elder Gill made which turned out to be pre work out which I guess
gives you way more energy than you'd ever need. For a while he didn't
feel it and then about 45 minutes hit him. And man I've
never seen him so crazy, so happy or so  funny! We were helping people
move so that energy was definitely used for good. Long story short, he
wasn't tired anymore.

I also got the Christmas package from my mom on Saturday and I just
want to thank you select few who gave me a tie! They were all super
awesome and I can't wait to wear them all!! Starting yesterday I'm
having a straight 12 days where I just where those ones. So yeah
thanks again and hope you're all doing well! Keep on keeping on!!

Pictures! Too lazy to explain so use your imaginations! 😊

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