Saturday, December 26, 2015

Short but Sweet

Well this week I don't have too much time to write but I'll do some highlights!

1. I gave a super bomb blessing to Valentin Monday night and I've
never been so sure of what I'm saying came straight from the spirit.
It's like I started talking but then something came over me and I
couldn't stop. I've had a similar experience before but it wasn't
anywhere near as strong as that one.
2. Elder Wagley contacted this guy a couple weeks back named Angel and
he seemed pretty interested but can only meet Thursday's which is one
of our busier days. We tried two weeks ago but still nothing. Then
this week we saw him at his work and he gave us his phone number so
this past Thursday rolls around and we were able to get a hold of him
and have a super strong lesson with him about the restoration. And it
turns out his mom and sister are both members!!
3. We were doing member look ups and we went to this one lady's house
but the person who we were looking for wasn't home but her cousin was.
So what do we do? Share the Christmas video with her then talk about
the church! She said she would like to talk with us again and that she
really wants her kids to hear about the message as well. #score
4. Finally, last night we had to do weekly planning instead of
Thursday or Friday how it normally is because of meetings and stuff
like that. Well, at the end of weekly planning elder Wagley had the
impression to call this look up and, well, we have a lesson with them
this week now! Pretty cool stuff! We ended up doing that a couple more
times and now we have 9 other lessons set up! So we are hoping for the

Okay now I'm going to go into the weirdest zone training meeting I've
had yet. You see, one of our zone leaders is dying (going home this
transfer) and he decided to try something new and crazy. Well, there's
this thing called a hot seat where you sit there and people ask
questions. And to make this one better the zone leaders bought here
peppers that were pretty spicy and everyone had to eat at least one
while being asked questions...videos will be attached. Mine got
butchered...sorry about that. But that about does it for this week!
Hope you all are doing amazing!!

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