Saturday, December 26, 2015

"I just don't care what happens in public anymore"

What a week. What a week. What a week. That's literally all I can say.
I really don't know if I can fit everything into one email so let me
just try and split up everything that happened this past week into
categories. First we'll start out with the lessons!

Also, before I start I just want to promote the Christmas video by the
church called a savior is born or if you want to see the better
version of it, it's called ha nacido un salvador. The reason why I'm
promoting it is because during this month, if everything goes
according to plan, I'll be watching it pretty close to 500 times. As a
companionship, the mission president has challenged us to share the
video at least 10 times a day. I already have most of it memorized in
Spanish and English. Also, this will be one of my longer ones so I can
fully explain the craziness of this week. Okay, sigamos!

Lessons: So the first lessons of the week came Tuesday night with one
of my favorite less active families, the Luna's. They're Dominican,
funny, loving, so nice and always welcoming. But, they don't keep
commitments very well. So this time we came in with a bang. We shared
the video and just kind of talked about Christ. We also ended up
singing yo sé que vive mi señor (I know my redeemer lives) and that
was really good too. The other cool thing about this lesson was that
it was only the second time having Hermano Luna in the lesson because
he's usually asleep because of work and the first time he didn't say
much but this time he really opened up. And it all started with a
question. By the way, I love asking questions. Most of the lesson was
questions actually. So anyways, we were talking about Christ and I
asked him, "Hermano Luna, what is it that Jesus Christ can do for you
specifically?" Well, both his face and the spirit changed and he was
just in deep thought. Then he really opened up. It was super powerful
and we really are seeing progress with them now. We also had stake
conference this past weekend (I'll get into that later) so we gave
them the schedule and invited them. I wasn't exactly sure if they'd
come but we always invite! Then Wednesday we were one changes so I
went with Elder Corbett's new trainee for the day and we got a 4
lesson day for the first time in a while! It's just been so hard. But
anyways, it felt so good to run from one thing to the next all day and
Elder Weisler loved it. We also got to spend some time with our bishop
that night since he came with us and he is so super funny. (I'll bring
him up later too) Then the rest of the week we had some good visits
with people but nothing too exciting. Now for some street contacting

Crazy People: This section should explain the title of this week's
email...I don't know what it's been lately but it seems like more and
more crazy people are on the streets than normal. We met a guy who I
didn't know was Muslim before I tried sharing the video with him and
then he just had like a 20 minute discussion with us about a lot of
stuff. He talked about zodiac signs, the devil, rulers, Aristotle and
some pretty crazy stuff. I didn't know what to do so I just listened
since we were on the train already. Then another time I tried sharing
the video with a lady at a train station and first she asked, is it
rated x? And instead of that being a red flag for me I decided to keep
talking to her. Well, according to her, Isis will be coming here to
chop our heads off and it's not going to be fun. But it doesn't matter
to her because her son has a plane so she's going to be flying away
while we're all getting killed. I walked away after that one. Then we
saw this guy who said we're doing some awesome stuff so I wanted to
share the video with him and his family. Well apparently he didn't
like that. The conversation started out chill then all of a sudden he
got a little too excited to talk about the powers of God and was
pretty much yelling at us. So I thought he was mad. But he seemed
really loving at the same time. But he just kept yelling and yelling.
Then he left and said you two have a blessed day and walked away.
That's when Elder Wagley said, "I just don't care what happens in
public anymore." And that's why 😂😂😂 Okay now for some cool

Experiences: So this week there were two really awesome experiences we
had. The first one went a little something like this...We were walking
and I saw a Hispanic guy walking towards me so of course I just say,
"Como está?" Actually it's more like Como ta because I like talking
like a Dominican. But that's besides the point. He walks by and says,
"Como está Elder?" So I make an immediate U-turn and ask hey are you a
member and he says no, but I talked with missionaries when I was kid
in Mexico and I was just like say whaaaat?? So long story short, we
have an appoint,net with him this coming Thursday! Then yesterday we
had a pretty crazy experience which also explains how I good I am at
making stuff up on the spot. We were doing look ups and we just
finished the last one but I didn't want to go yet. We were on East
22nd street but I wanted to go to East 21st street to go see why there
was a big group of people but I didn't want to tell my companion that
because he would've said no. So I said the last look up is over there.
Which technically wasn't a lie because we were actually going to look
someone up over there. Also, you should all know that where we were
was a very Hatian part of town so I didn't think anything would come
of this. Anyways, we are walking and the first number that came to my
mind was 557 and well, that building existed and I was pretty
surprised we were already so close. Then just to keep it going, I look
at the last look up we did and the house number was 5f. Well that was
a room here too. I ring the apartment bell but nothing happens.
Someone comes and opened the door though and we got in. Then we have
to climb 6 flights of stairs to get to the 5th floor and we see 5f. We
knock, and a Hispanic answers the door!!! I completely made up this
look up and a Hispanic lives there who has seen missionaries before,
knows a little about the church and said we can come back Tuesday! But
we already have an appointment with the Luna family so we called the
other elders about it. So I tell them the story and they tell me this:
Dude, we looked up that same building and room number 2 days ago but
no one answered!! #revelationistrue Okay now to finish everything off,
let's talk about stake conference!

Stake Conference: So Saturday night we got there for the priesthood
session and apparently the mission president doesn't have authority to
tell us if we can or cannot do something. We get to the meeting and
the stake clerk of all people starts telling us how we aren't supposed
to be here, we're terrible missionaries. And listen, I've received a
good amount of rebuking a from district and zone leaders but this guy
made me feel worse than ever before. And he tried to keep us in a room
upstairs but a special guest at the conference named ELDER RONALD A
RASBAND heard abo that and invited us to the meeting. But not to sit
with everyone else. To sit on the stand right behind him!!! That was a
super cool experience and just hearing his words and feeling his
spirit was so unreal. Then while I was sitting up there it just kind
of hit me. I'm not going to be a missionary forever. This time is so
short. I hit my 10 month mark this past week and yet it doesn't feel
that long at all! Then Sunday came and that was definitely the best
day of the week. First we got to go to the conference with Joaquin and
we picked him up around 8:30 to walk to the train station and then got
to the Marriott where the conference was at and as I was walking back
from going to the bathroom before entering the conference room I saw
somebody who kinda looked like the Luna's son Arturo so I called out
his name. It was him!!! I asked where his family was at and they were
all there!!! Except for the dad who was working but it was still so
good to see them all! So I was sitting with them and Joaquin and it
was so great. And as I said before, I need to talk about bishop again
because he's now the 1st counsellor in the stake presidency!!! (Elder
Rasband came to change up the presidency) Then we got to hear Elder
Rasband speak and Sister Luna was crying and was just looking at her
kids and it was so cool. I really think they're going to start going
through a really big change.

So that pretty much sums up my week! It was a crazy eventful week and
I don't think it could have gone any better! Well okay, I guess more
lessons could have been nice but what can we do? Just keep trying! I
hope you all had a good week too!!

1) The snow is coming...
2) Me and the Waggles
3) Me and my Hatian
4) #RonnyRas
5) Joaquin!

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