Friday, January 1, 2016

Merry late Christmas!!

It's the most wonderful time of the week. We're gonna listen to Tyler
speak! Oh wait I mean Elder Rossi. Anyways, how is everyone! I want to
start out by saying late happy birthday to one of my favorites, Emily
Vickers and a happy early birthday to the one who I'll be beating in a
basketball game in a little over a year from now, my uncle Steve! I
always get scared of doing birthday shout outs because I know I'm
going to forget someone. Please don't hate me! Just like Christina
Perri, I'm only human, okay?

Now onto the week! This week was a little tougher for lessons because
of Christmas which is weird since people will go buy stuff to
celebrate the birth of Christ but won't learn about the birth of
Christ. Ugh...Americans. Just kidding. Our first lesson  was with Ryan
on Monday night and I feel like I've been forgetting to mention
something...he's had a baptism date for 12/26 for the past couple
weeks now. In other words, he got baptized!!! This was my first time
starting and finishing the lessons with someone so that made it even
cooler. The baptism was Saturday night and even though I messed up on
the program a couple times the baptism went really well. Elder Wagley
got to do the actual baptism and then I did the confirmation the next
day. He also doesn't speak any Spanish even though his mom wants him
baptized into the Spanish ward so it was really weird doing a blessing
in English. I actually stuttered over my words a couple times because
I was still thinking in Spanish.

The day before Christmas we had a mission wide devotional in order to
celebrate Christmas as a mission. Besides someone telling us we're
stupid for not understanding revelation and Isaiah, it was a lot of
fun! And it was really nice to finally see people outside my zone
again. But we will be back this coming week for transfers! Which is
also crazy since it feels like it just started.

The other really cool experience from this week came Christmas Day!
And it's not because I got to talk with my family...that's how you
know you've been a missionary for almost a year now 😁 even though it
was awesome to talk with everyone! I love you family 😊 But also I was
talking to a lot of the members back from Brentwood on Christmas and
they were all saying how they wish I could come back and how much they
miss me and appreciated how much I did for them all and it was just
super cool. So then I got homesick and wanted to go back to brentwood.
That will forever be my real mission home. We also had a lesson that
day! We went and saw angel who is now super progressing! We invited
him to be baptized and he said yes without skipping a beat. I believed
he would but I was still so shocked that I felt like plankton when he
gets into the Krusty Krab and Mr. Crab asks him now what? And plankton
just looked at him and said, "I don't know...I didn't think I'd get
this far." Word for word how I felt. But I explained how blessed he'd
be, how Heavenly Father is so proud of him and that there's so much in
store for him. The only thing is that he works Sunday's like pretty
much everyone else in New York so we have to find a way to help with
that. We talked a little about that as well and he said he can come
this Sunday so that's good! That's also when we will be talking
about setting up a date.

Those are pretty much the 3 big highlights from this week. Even though
they aren't many, they're still super powerful and meaningful to me.
Being a missionary has been one of the greatest and of course at times
hardest things I've chosen to do. But I also haven't been as happy as
I am when I'm helping others to come to Christ! I also took some good
pictures this're welcome mom 😉

1) Crazy Christmas set up at a members house
2) I busted my lip playing basketball last Monday
4) The district
5) Christmas sunrise
6 and 7) Christmas breakfast
8 and 9) BAPTISM!!!

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