Sunday, January 24, 2016

Achievements unlocked

Hello everyone! Allow me to start by saying I really am so happy that
I got to stay in Midwood. I thought I was going to go crazy since I'm
in another area for 6 months but I actually feel so blessed. Right now
we're just finding like crazy, trying to help the investigators we
already have to progress and um...oh yeah! Angel is getting baptized
on the 29th!!! In other words, the guy who used to be known as one of
the laziest people you know is finally doing some work! I mean I've
been doing work but there's finally some good progress! We are also
working with Joaquin now to get to the temple to do baptisms and then
get ready to become endowed! Those are the two biggest stories out
here but we also have a ton of new investigators who just haven't had
much time to meet up again. Then this past week we were contacting or
as we say "planting seeds" like crazy and we got a good amount of
contact information so we will be contacting those people this coming
week. As for my new companion, his name is elder Parkinson and he's so
much like me that it's scary. In other words, we're having a lot of
fun and working hard. He's only 6 months in and his Spanish is super
good and he still has that greenie fire so we're gonna do some good
stuff this transfer. He was really happy to come here because he
didn't get to do too much in his last area and then he comes here and
I was just like well we have about 10 lessons set up this week so get

I guess I should probably explain how Angel wanted to be baptized. So
we extended the invitation Christmas Day and he accepted without any
problems but we thought he had to work Sunday mornings starting at
8...well it turns out he works Sunday NIGHT starting at 8. I really
don't know Spanish. So we invited him to church, he came, loved it
then we had a quick lesson and talked about baptism again. He said he
wants to be baptized so he can get the gift of the Holy Ghost and then
he just decided on the 29th because he'll have the whole day so it
works out perfectly!

As for the title, as I said we were contacting people a ton this week
to try and build up the pool and we had some luck but some people
really just don't like us. So we were walking towards one of the train
stops and this guy was like, "Look it's the morons!" And I corrected
him by saying no we are Mormons then he proceeded to cuss us out then
my companion told him Jesus still loves him and he responded with
something that shouldn't be repeated. White people are mean, man. It's
just the first time I've gotten cussed out as well as finding someone
through my own efforts and teaching all the way until they're baptized
so yeah! Achievements unlocked!!

So that about does it for this week! Good things are continuing to
happen and it's gonna be really hard to leave Brooklyn at this point
but I've got a full transfer to not worry about that! Enjoy some

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