Wednesday, February 4, 2015

We just dropped Ty off at the MTC! It was hard for all of us to say Goodbye. We were glad we had these extra days in Utah with our family and said our final goodbyes at the Provo Temple. We pulled into the MTC parking lot and the car attendant asked Tyler where he was headed to? Tyler said New York, and he asked "New York New York South?" Ty said Yup!  And the guy replied, "great, they need you there! You'll do great work there!" We dropped him off, grabbed his luggage and stole another hug or two. As we were getting back into the car, an older lady came to give me a hug. She told me that she sent 3 sons off on missions and knew what I was feeling. She cried with me. Which only made me cry harder. She asked for my sons name and told me she would check on him for me and keep an eye on him for me. I'm so proud of Tyler. He is a great young man and I know he will do great things in New York! And Ty is excited to get to New York so I know he will be working hard to learn the Spanish language to get out there as soon as he can!

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  1. Great, touching pictures. He will be a super missionary!