Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tyler's Email for this week! He broke his glasses....Two weeks in! No I don't need an extra pair he said. No I don't need to bring my old pair he said. No I don't want contacts he said....Guess we will be sending him some new ones and his broken ones become his extra pair!

Well just like the subject says, week 2 is done! And I've continued to make some good progress! My district and I have memorized the missionary purpose, baptism invitation, the first article of faith and the first vision all in spanish. Which is funny since i don't even know them in English but i still understand what they're all saying so it's cool. i've also taught 3 more lessons, had our first investigator become our teacher and our teacher become our new investigator. It's weird. And also my companion and I have a set investigator aside from our teacher who is really just a volunteer from the church who is really good at acting like an investigator and it makes things fun. We also got our Ipads this week since we are in the pilot program here to see if they will really help us and so far it definitely has. I've used it during language study and because of that I've been able to memorize even more words and phrases and my spanish is definitely coming along. But it probably helps that I don't have anyone to distract me during class *cough* Parker *cough* I also received tons of Dear Elders this week and i just want to thank everyone for that. It really means a lot since it's easy to go insane here and just wonder what's going on in the outside world. Speaking of which, I need basketball updates!!! Obviously with the Warriors but also just around the league as well. Thank you! Okay. Now onto the big story of the week. If you're wondering why my glasses have tape on them it's because I kinda broke them. But it was during basketball and it was technically because of the guy defending me jumped into me and just cracked that part in half. But because of how resourceful I am it was an easy fix and they're all good now. I think that's about it but if you have any other questions just let me know!

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