Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hey everyone! so I will be emailing home every Tuesday around this time just so everyone knows. If you want to contact me in other ways, though, you can go to dearelder.com and then just type a letter, fill out some info and my unit # is 153. So now onto the exciting part. I got to the Mtc around 1:00 on february 4th and it was like the first day of boot camp. We went from station to station in about 2 minutes, running from place to place, had about 30 seconds to set my stuff down then get to my first class. It was pretty crazy. Then in our first meeting as new missionaries, one of the presidents' wives told a story about a mom she talked to about how she wasn't excited for her son to leave but also really excited too, and of course it just so happened to be my mom. So thanks mom! The very next day some random guy named Elder Jacobs pulled me out of class and I thought I was in trouble but he actually knew my family and my grandpa was his teacher's quorum adviser so that was pretty cool. Since being here I've already learned a ton of Spanish, taught 4 lessons total to 2 investigators and reached a breaking point after just sitting in a class for 12 hours on Saturday. I can feel myself slowly going insane but it's still fun! That's part of the MTC experience...right? Oh and the food is pretty interesting, too. It's not really good but it's not too bad either. But it does leave you feeling a little queasy at times. I know some of you are probably wanting pictures but in the midst of all that's been going on, that hasn't been to high of a priority but pictures will come! I miss everyone and hope you are all doing well. I am still able to talk for the next hour or so so please reply! I'd love to hear from everyone! 

Elder Rossi
Tyler's District

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  1. So cool! I love your honestly about your experience so far and look forward to hearing about the lives you touch. BTW Elder Jacobs is related to us. His Grandpa (Heber) is brothers to Jeremy's Grandpa (Smitty)!