Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thanks to a friend who works at the MTC who sent me an email and picture of Tyler today!

I'm not sure if you knew that I worked at the MTC, Regardless,  I had the opportunity to "bump into" Tyler this afternoon. He is doing great and excited to be in the MTC and loves his district.  He also told me to tell you that Sister Trost, who you talked to yesterday mentioned you and the conversation you had with her and had Tyler stand up in the new missionary orientation meeting with all the 300 or so missionaries that came in yesterday.
It is obvious that you have raised an outstanding young man and missionary.  I hope you all are holding up well.
Love to you all from the Jacobs.

So glad he sent me this email today, even if it did make my eyes leak! Well worth it. And now I have a name for the Sister who helped to comfort me yesterday!

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