Sunday, July 31, 2016

Wait...why are you too busy??

Hey everyone! I know I'm getting really bad at these weekly updates
but I'm trying. And for all of you who send me emails please know I do
read them throughly even if I don't reply! I promise. Anyways, this
week truly was a week to remember. The first highlight came Tuesday
when our zone leaders (who are serving in Brentwood) called and said
that they wanted to do exchanges. In other words, I WENT BACK TO
BRENTWOOD!!! Unfortunately it was still a normal day of work so I
wasn't able to see everyone that I wanted to but I definitely saw some
of my favorites. The only thing better than seeing them all again was
hearing them say I'm a true Hispanic now because my Spanish is way
better. Then Thursday came around and we realized we still had no
lessons for the what did we do? We went HAM. We had one set
up, looked up some others and did a good amount of knocking as well
and ended up with 5 lessons for the day. We basically repeated that
process and with a lot of help from the Lord we hit the weekly goal
and got some solid new investigators out of it as well! So hopefully
this week goes just as well but with a little less scrambling haha. Oh
we also knocked into this guy who basically said he was the white rosa
parks...he got on a bus during that time and went to the back and
refused to move. He was a little on the crazy side but man did he have
some great stories haha. And this is the story about my subject we were walking the streets and contacting people that way
when we came across a couple who were on their phones but just sitting
down so we thought hey they probably aren't doing much. So we gave
them a card but they said they were too busy to talk? And why do you
ask? Because of that new Pokemon game....I was speechless. I still
have no words 😂 So yeah that pretty much sums up my week! Hope you're
all doing well!

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