Sunday, July 31, 2016


Well there's not too much to report on from this last week because it
was a lot of time spent finding which is always good. We did start
teaching this one guy named Victor who has been learning about the
church for 10 years and still doesn't know if he wants to be baptized
even though he feels this is the true church. Sooo we are just doing
what we can haha. We also got a referral yesterday of someone who is
already a solid investigator so we're gonna meet them this week along
with another family who we are being given by other missionaries who
are super solid as well. So a whole ton of work is just being handed
to us haha. So next week I promise there will be a lot more to read. I
did get to go to the beach on Saturday for service though so that was
fun too. It's also getting way hot out here but of course that never
stops me from doing me so on Saturday when elder Parkinson and I had
some dead time we went and did some basketball finding and to our
amazement there were Hispanics plays so we jumped in with them and
played a couple games and now we are going to try and see if they will
let us teach when we play next. So pretty good stuff out here. Hope
you're doing well and have a good week!

1) The new addition to my iPad case! Of course I love it 👍🏻 (Thank
you Hermana staker)
2) 18 month mark package from mom
3) What I did with those Olive Garden gift cards #blessings

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