Sunday, July 3, 2016


Tyler didn't send an update this week. So he asked me to update his blog with this information:

Well I'm out!! I won't know where I'm going until tomorrow though. (I did receive a video from Tyler, he is serving with Elder Parkinson again, he's SO excited about that! And he is back on the Island again. More info on Monday!)
As for my week it was revolved around a lot of service so not
many lessons happened but we did have a lot of less actives at church
yesterday which was nice to see! 

I asked Ty if he thought he would be leaving Brooklyn completely (he's been there for about 10 months) if so, what would he miss the most about Brooklyn, and he said: Yeah I'm pretty sure I'm completely out. I'm definitely gonna miss Brooklyn bridge park. I don't think there's any better part of the mission that I can even come close to loving as much as that place.

Tyler wanted me to add: I got to see some hard work pay off yesterday and now I'm leaving Brooklyn and no longer in leadership either! 

In regards to who they did service for: The community because we do service for a senior city and a park and that was 3 days in a row and then we also had to help set up for a couple activities too so it was a lot of fun! The young men had a movie night where they watched finding dory....obviously pirated (Maybe I shouldn't have added that)

The District- half were transferred out this transfer

Shortly before the end of our conversation Ty sends me this picture-- we were playing a game, I fell out of my chair and the vase broke my fall! (The bleeding had not stopped before he had to leave the church.)

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