Sunday, July 31, 2016

Right back at it again!

Man what a week! Sorry it's been so long since I've written but I
finally came back around this week haha. So this past week we had
transfers and it didn't quite go as I thought it would. I was told I'd
be getting transferred out of bushwick which I kind of figured so bye
bye Brooklyn but I still didn't know where I was going or who I'd be
with. So we get to the office, I find out I was back in brentwood's
zone so I was like sweet! Way happy about that. Then I was told I was
with elder Parkinson again!! We served together my last transfer in
midwood and had a blast together and now 6 months later we're right
back at it again! Except now in a car area. I was so stoked thinking
everything was going to be incredible and then I get the news..."Oh by
the way we got bed bugs last week and they aren't completely out yet."
So we had to sleep on the floor for a couple nights but all is well
now. We also locked our keys in the apartment one night too...but I
promise those have been the only bumps in the road so far haha. Still
way happy with how this transfer went though.

So I'm currently in westbury on Long Island and there's tons of
salvadorians and honduranians as well. This has been my first transfer
going hard with knocking and teaching like that and we actually had
some pretty good success doing it. There's a lot of really good
potential here and we are hoping that we can do some good while being
together again. It's a lot of fun teaching together because we both
have a similar teaching style and I can kind of make what he says a
little more clearer and then we just have fun doing it. Right now we
have someone on date but he still hasn't come to church and he still
needs to be taught some things so we may end up pushing that back. We
also had a progressing investigator but randomly texted us and said he
didn't want to come to church anymore and we shouldn't ask
that was interesting.

Yesterday at church I got to bare my testimony about the atonement of
Christ and how real and powerful it is. It's seriously one of the
biggest gifts and blessings we have in our lives and it truly is la
Ășnica manera! (The only way) It was also really good to meet all the
members in this branch which is only about 40 people but they're all
way solid and way loving so it was good. We also have the biggest gym
in the whole mission so that's definitely a plus haha. So yeah that
about does it for this week and I hope you all have an awesome 4th of
July! #MERICA!!!

1) So last Monday we were playing this game with a glass vase and long
story short, I fell back and the vase broke my fall...lols
2) Last picture with elder Bergeson and I
3) My new favorite thing to do during breaks
4) Cool little pano of the city

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