Monday, August 29, 2016


Already transfers and I'm still in Westbury with Elder Parkinson for round 3!!! And he's district leader!!  As for my week it contained a lot of knocking and hopefully things will come of it. Right now we have about 4 or 5 focus people that are decently solid but no one progressing sadly. Oh! We also met a Peruvian lady last Sunday, told us to come back and we had a good lesson with her and then she invited us back the very next day for some Peruvian food! And man did she make a included. We also have used Facebook to communicate with the people we teach and that's helped a lot. Turns out that Peruvian lady even brought her Book of Mormon on her trip that she left Saturday for. Then yesterday was among my favorite Sunday's in the mission. We went to church, I was asking around when members could come out with us so this week we should have a few and then we went knocked for a little while. Afterwards, in order to feed the whole district, the ward mission leader and his wife had us do "service" and then we had hamburgers and hot dogs and just visited for pretty close to 3 hours. It was kind of long but it felt so nice because with all the new rules and everything it's really hard to get to know the members. Also, the ward mission leader is originally from San Jose! So yeah that's pretty much it.
Nothing too much but I did get a lot of pictures! You're welcome! Elder Parkinson and I took a bunch yesterday because we thought he was gone. 
The little girl is the ward mission leader's daughter
All that food was meant just for me...I ate it all
The before and after pictures

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