Monday, August 1, 2016


As for my week, like I said it had a lot to do with knocking but we also had some good lessons
here and there. Tuesday was a pretty slow day but Wednesday we went on exchanges and I went with the district leader's companion who, I can't remember if I told you, was in the MTC with John Wise. (One of Tyler's College Roommates) So that was pretty fun to talk about him and I got to share some of our fun stories. Elder Brown and I had a couple lessons set up which all sadly fell through. So what did we do? Knocking! We ended up talking to 65
people that day and had 3 return appointments which all happened! So far no one is looking super solid but they let us come and talk. This one family could turn out to be pretty solid though. It's this lady who only speaks Spanish but understands English perfectly and her two younger brothers. They're all pretty funny and actually really seem to
be interested. We're going back this week. Oh yeah we also went to this really good Chinese buffet that day as well. I had sushi for the first time which I wasn't too big of a fan of and wasabi which I really didn't like. First off, it doesn't taste very good and second, the way the spicy hits you is so weird! It's super chill for a little while then out of nowhere boom! You feel it in your nose which is weird and it just feels terrible. Then it comes back and hits you a
second time. Video will be included. Then Thursday we had some pretty solid lessons. The first one was with this 17 year old we are teaching named Jose. He doesn't take our lessons very seriously because we tell him all the things he needs to stop doing (word of wisdom, law of chastity, lying) and he just keeps doing it like we're unaware of it all. So that was basically a drop lesson haha then we went over to that lady who is already progressing and someone just gave her to us and she really is solid. Her husband too. She's off Sundays too but sadly her husband isn't and he seemed super interested. You see, there's two types of people who ask questions: the first wants to bash and the second actually wants to know. Lucky for us, he was the second type. We were hoping to find a ride for the wife to get to church though but unfortunately no one came through. But she said she would
be available next Sunday as well so we will be trying for that! Then Friday came around with some big news...our mission has Facebook back! So I will be using a separate profile from my normal one but I'm pretty sure I can add people from back home but we will see what happens. I haven't quite had the time to get on and get everything
ready though. That's the only thing but I think by today I'll have everything good to go. We had a zone conference kind of thing for that and president Reynolds came and I got to talk to him and my relationship with him is actually getting better. So that's good too!! Oh yeah the other thing too was that Elder Parkinson and I have been playing a good amount of the actual monopoly game and man are we competitive. I took a video without him knowing of one of our trades just so he could still be himself and I could get it on camera. I'll have to show you that after the mission though because it's pretty long. Oh! Also! Thursday night we played basketball and I've decided to play inter mural when I go to Idaho. I've actually gotten a lot better since being out here. Mainly on defense. I can make a shots every now and again too but I mainly love playing defense. Then Saturday it was back to knocking with little luck so that kind of sucked but we were still planting seeds and that was good enough! Yesterday was pretty much the same story but that was when we got a good amount of return appointments. And a couple of the families
actually seemed interested too!! We also knocked into one of the biggest nicest houses I've seen in this area and I was just like the house screams white people but the cars scream Hispanics...lets see. And they were Hispanics!! We also went to this investigators house for dinner (unfortunately the lesson didn't really happen because they were having a party) but we got closer and Elder Parkinson and I were messing with their son a little. He speaks more English than Spanish and he really wanted us to speak English. But we wouldn't. Video will also be included. Then finally we got back to the apartment, planned, changed, and then I saw our bench set and was like
hey I haven't maxed out for a while. I wonder what I can do. So I started out with 115 and did about 5 or 6 reps so I was like okay let's go bigger. So then I did 135 and still did it decently easily. Then 145 and I was like okay if I do this then I can bench my weight. Let's do it! So I did it and did 2 reps! So obviously I was stoked but
then I went to weigh myself...I don't know if it's because I ate a lot yesterday or what but I was actually 150. So what did I do? I added some weight and benched 150 one and a half times. So now my goal is to bench 165. I was pretty happy about myself. Oh and last night I started doing a voice recording journal which I'll do every day until
I leave. I figured that'd be easier than writing and then I can just put it on my flash drive! Then at 3 am the fire alarm in the apartment building went off...that was a rough awakening. So yeah! I really hope you won't be too torn up about my new choice but hey! At least you get some pretty lengthy emails out of it! So again if you have more
questions I'll be more than happy to respond again but I won't be talking back and forth too too much so I can keep focusing on what's happening here and now for the next couple months!

Water Mishap
Poor kid just wants you to speak English
Wasabi is NOT too hot! 

Beware of the Fire Alarm

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